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Older Item Catalog  >  Cosway Health  »  Yaeyema Chlorella Newer Item
Yaeyema Chlorella
RM35.00  MYR

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Pemenang Anugerah Chlorella Jepun Untuk Kesihatan yang Berkekalan

Penuh dengan kebaikan termasuk vitamin, mineral, zat galian, fitonutrien, enzim hidup dan asid nukliek (RNA& DNA). Dikultivasi dan diproses dengan paten untuk memastikan kandungan nutrien yang tinggi. Tablet yang kecil dan mudah ditelan. Disyorkan untuk kanak-kanak yang tidak sukakan sayur-sayuran, individu-individu yang mementingkan kecantikan, eksekutif yang sibuk dan warga tua. 

Kandungan : 150 biji


Suitable for The Whole Family!
Children generally don't eat enough greens. Give them chlorella! It is rich in natural growth-promoting nutrients for kids to grow taller and healthier, while keeping body defences strong. You'll be amazed when they stop missing school due to coughs and colds!

Troubled by skin breakouts? Chlorella aids daily detox for blemish-free skin. Plus it helps keep teenagers healthy and better able to study.

Want younger-looking, firmer skin that's free from age spots? Chlorella, rich in anti-ageing nucleic acids - RNA & DNA, and potent antioxidants can really help.


Suffering from stiff neck, poor concentration and lower energy level caused by acidic body? Chlorella helps balance body acidity to correct problems associated with too much acidity in the body.

The Elderly
Suffering from poor digestion and unsure that nutrients are being absorbed? Take chlorella! It's bursting with natural nutrients that are easily absorbed for improved well-being.

If you're currently taking Spirulina, take it with Chlorella to quadruple its efficacy! You'll be amazed how much improvement you can experience with this winning combination!



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